Updated on: June 29, 2018


When visiting Nantou, this Momotaro village (桃太郎村) themed attraction is built upon a popular Japanese children story Momotaro (桃太郎). Previously used as a movie filming studio, this new attraction became one of the to go destination for tourist and locals alike.

Originating from the Okayama prefecture, this Japanese folklore speaks of the lead character Momotaro, also known as the peach boy (桃太郎), who emerged from a giant peach as a gift to an old childless couple. In the later years, Momotaro befriended a talking dog, pheasant and monkey who joined him in the quest to fight a band of marauding oni (demons and ogres) on a distant island. Subsequently, he returned triumphantly to his village and became a hero.
With ancient Japanese and Taiwan architectures adorning the entire village, the younger generation will be able to take a peep into the lifestyles of earlier Taiwan days while elderly can walk down memory lane and lovingly bask in their memories.

Some places of mention would be to visit Momotaro grandparents and their lovely home, take a glimpse of the sacred peach in which Momotaro emerged, Chinese medicine and textile shops which are rare and few today and gorgeous Chinese and Japanese temples. Daredevils can also enter the devil cave to fight the demons.
A very interesting place of visit would be the traditional early dwellings of Chinese forefathers known as the courtyard houses. Homes were built and arranged to form a rectangular courtyard with many generations living together.

Visitors can take selfies with the Mascots littered all around, enjoy the performances, bring home interesting souvenirs of their favorite characters or even purchase traditional local delights such as the sugarcane candy.