Updated on: December 2, 2017


Jade Mountain National Park 玉山國家公園 is one of the largest and least accessible park in Taiwan that crosses Nantou, Chiayi, Kao Hsiung and Hualien county.
Presently, more than 30 over mountains within Jade Mountain National Park jurisdiction have peaks exceeding 3000m such as Dafenjian Mountain, Xiuguluan Mountain, Guan Mountain,
Mabolasi Mountain, Xinkang Mountain and the most notable one being Yushan aka Jade Mountain with a total of 11 peaks and the main peak at 3952m, is the highest peak in East Asia. Yushan is like a piece of flawless huge jade when the entire mountain shines beautifully with a layer of thick snow cover.
With huge difference in altitude and thus climate within Yushan Mountain National Park along with the many major rivers which are closely intertwined with locals lives, the park manage to support a rich biodiversity of creatures ranging over hundreds of species from mammals to feathery friends, insects, amphibians. In addition, this park is an important historical site dating back to Qing dynasty, Japanese occupation era, times of Bunun tribe where stone tools as well as pottery have been unearthed at several locations.
All in, Yushan Mountain National Park is suitable for individuals with a vast variety of interest like nature lover, avid mountain climbers, history buffs and the likes of it.
Do not give this place a miss as it could jolly well be a once in a lifetime experience.
Be sure to apply for a permit months ahead should you be interested to ascend the mountains for a panoramic view of the entire mountain scape atop the peaks as permits are not easily obtainable.

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