Miaoli is situated between Hsinchu and Taichung counties. Blessed with a all year round good weather and convenient transportation, Miaoli is home to several major attractions such as the Nanzhuang Shitoushi aka lions head mountain, hot springs, Tung blossoms and traditional Hakka cuisines amongst others and attracts over 6.5 million visitors annually.
Every year during April and May season, Miaoli will transform into a piece of white land when gorgeous snow white tung blossoms cover every mountain and flatland available, truly a picturesque view to behold.
Shitoushan is named as such for the uncanny resemblance of the mountain to a lion head and is the very site of Shryandong Yuanguang Temple built in 1894. Visitors can also join lifestyle and historical tours to explore the traditional culture of Hakka people while discovering the mysteries of Saisiat Tribes like the sacrifice to the Short Spirits. Nature lovers can enjoy a river ecology tour for a glimpse ofnthe natural habitats of creatures living within. During the unforgiving cold weather of the year, enjoy a dip in the Taian Hot Spring Scenic Area to bring some warmth and health benefits for the body.
Should time permits, do drop by Sanyi wood sculpture museum to admire the intricately carved wooden sculptures placed in the museum by local and foreign artistes as a homage to the woodcarving industry in Sanyi dating back to 1918.