Keelung is a humid subtropical city with high rainfall located in the northern part of Taiwan and with its deep waters, serves as a natural harbour to the fishing industry.
Northern coast of Taiwan offers city dwellers with a multitude of option as an escapade from the stresses of daily lives with the promise of idyllic strolls among the nature.
Baisha bay aka white sand beach with clear blue water is a favourite among beach goers and families for its breathtaking views and for he fact that it possesses optimal conditions for water sports like surfing, kayaking and paragliding.
Nanya and yehliu geopark showcases the wonders of nature works. With typical rocky shorelines tastefully eroded by strong waves, revealing colorful mineral deposits and what remains are the gorgeous pieces of unique structures.
For an instagram worthy visit, do consider visiting Shimen windmill park to admire the gorgeous windmills toiling hard at work to create clean, renewable energy to better mankind or visit the Shimen wedding plaza for a Mediterranean themed Greek styled architecture displays.
Come sunset, visit Keelung aka Miaokou night market which is boasted as one of the best night markets in Taiwan famed for the wide variety of seafood dishes due to its proximity to the fishing port.