Updated on: January 21, 2018


Takao Railway Museum 打狗鐵道故事館 is located at the now defunct Kaohsiung habour train station aka Takow station in Gushan district, Kao Hsiung county, Taiwan and was built by the Japanese during the colonial period.
Such initiative put forth by the Japanese ruler back then was solely for the purpose of economic development by capitalizing on the natural resources of Taiwan and for international exports as well as to better trade within Taiwan.
Subsequently in the 1990s, with changes in Taiwan labour and trade regulations, many railways were deemed to be of no further use as heavy industries moved out of Taiwan.
Since 2010, railway culture society has been appointed to oversee the conversion of Kao Hsiung railway train station into Takao railway museum which displays all railway relics from the yesteryear, history of the station and many other interesting facts.
Takao railway museum is very much suitable for history buffs and also, is an educational visit for all ages.

The Gallery

The Gallery