Updated on: January 21, 2018


Rainbow Church 旗津彩虹教堂 located within Cijin district, Kao Hsiung county, Taiwan is yet another splendid architecture that is sure to bowl over visitors.
The rainbow church is a visually stunning colorful prismatic structure that have a crystal clear interior design with a squarish colorful structure right beside and both are
situated above a pool of sparkling clear blue water making it seem as though the structures are floating on the very waters. With such happily colored structures, the entire area instantly becomes a joyful place.
When sun shines down upon the prism, creating some sort of rainbow upon the glasses, there exist a sense of calmness and happiness.
While rainbow church is not exactly a church per se as there are no statues of worship of any religion of sort with the closest resemblance to a church would probably be its prismatic structure, the calmness and happiness within the area of rainbow church also could be an contributory factor.
Do visit this place while in the area to gain some Instagram worthy pictures and some extra tinge of happiness.

The Gallery

The Gallery