Updated on: June 30, 2018


Cijin (Qijin) Windmill Park 旗津風車公園 located within the Qijin district, Kao Hsiung county, Taiwan is another to go place while in Kao Hsiung for a relaxing day.
Being a functional eye candy, Cijin windmill park is a self sufficient initiative consist of seven gigantic windmills that really gets involved in generating electricity to illuminate the park at night while generating wind for the public during day time.
Cijin windmill park is designed like a promenade with a lawn, viewing platform, performance square, outdoor seating and numerous structures of sea related creatures to liven up the whole area.
A great place to chill and relax be it day or night.
Visit Cijin windmill to be amazed by how windmills can provide for an alternative source of renewable energy.

The Gallery

The Gallery