Updated on: January 1, 2018


Pier-2 Art Center 駁二藝術特區 located in Yancheng district, Kao Hsiung city, Taiwan is yet another derelict and abandoned cluster of warehouses which became white elephants as Kao Hsiung economy developed and shifted focus from industrial to service sector.
The great persistence from a group of local artists who decided to create artistic expressions in the area for a “show and tell” session paid off well when Kao Hsiung city government released the area for a well deserved second lease of life – conversion into an arts centre. Similar to many abandoned areas in other counties, Taiwan have always been in the forefront of environmental conservation, space regeneration as well as preservation of historical architectures.
Pier 2 is undisputedly the headquarters for artistic developments in Southern Taiwan as it hosted the fireworks event when Kao Hsiung became the first ever location besides Taipei to release fireworks on independence day.
While spending time in Kao Hsiung, do pay Pier 2 a visit for a artistic adventure by the sea.

The Gallery

The Gallery