Updated on: June 30, 2018


Moon World Landscape Park 月世界 provide space lovers with the chance of having the “moon” beneath your feet or experience a desert environment without having to spend a fortune or break a sweat for it.
When mother nature decides it is time for a “facelift”, heavy rain and streams caused erosion and turned a plot of land into a tract of barren land where nothing can ever grow on, is termed as “badlands”.
The entire tract of land looks like a scene out of some Hollywood flicks with its undulating curves of mini mountains and with the landscape resembling moon surface, sci fi films could use this perfect backdrop.
Perfect place to visit for some peace and quiet amidst the world. Do climb up the observation deck to admire the beauty of the entire attraction.
In Taiwan, there really is, something for everyone and every thing novel or incredulous can be made into an attraction for the benefit of the less well traveled.

The Gallery

The Gallery