Updated on: September 19, 2017


The Meinong Hakka Culture Museum (美濃客家文物館) is a cultural museum located in the Meinong District of Kaohsiung city in Taiwan. It was officially opened by President Chen Shui-Bian in 2001 and is the result of the effort by the Taiwanese government to recognize and preserve the Hakka culture and heritage.

Designed by Hakka architect, Hsie Ying-jun (謝英俊), the museum’s design and architecture is largely inspired by both simplicity and minimalism. The building itself is a modern blend of traditional tobacco smoke houses and residences. Rich exhibits of Hakka and Meinong culture can be found within and they depict all aspects of daily life. Detailed descriptions combined with audio visual elements ensure that visitors are treated to an interactive and enriching guided experience as they learn and explore traditional Hakka culture and its people through the vivid exhibits.

The museum also houses an art gallery of paintings by local artists and a small section on the upper floor is dedicated to artists and musicians of Hakka decent such as singer-songwriter Lin Sheng Xiang (林生祥). Visitors too, can often expect live Hakka singing accompanied by traditional musical instrument performances.

The Gallery

The Gallery