Updated on: January 1, 2018


Love River 爱河 is the spine of Kao Hsiung city, Taiwan, flowing from Renwu district for 12km till Kaohsiung harbour.
Love river is a like a father to Taiwanese that saw Kao Hsiung grew over many, many years. During the Qing dynasty, Love river was known as “Takao river” and with its extremely strategic location, it was used mainly for irrigation purposes for surrounding farms. Japanese subsequently used it to transport lumber from Southeast Asia, Love river also witnessed the creation of Kao Hsiung habour before falling back into the control of ROC in 1940s and river sides were converted into parks for recreation.
However, as Taiwan move away from agricultural sector and begin industrialization, waste materials polluted Love river.
As tourism industry increasingly becomes an important source of revenue for Taiwan, city government took it upon themselves to clean up the waters.
Visit Love river for some romantic getaways by the river and Love river park while indulging in local style shopping and dining at the night market or the al fresco cafes with live bands.
To up the ante, let the pumping adrenaline flow freely with a romantic boat ride down the river for an amazingly scenic view of the skyscrapers and all that Kao Hsiung has to offer.

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