Updated on: January 21, 2018


Kao Hsiung Confucius Temple 高雄孔子廟 located in close proximity to the lotus lake in Zuoying district, Kao Hsiung, Taiwan was consecrated to worship the honorable sage in Chinese history, Confucius.
While Kao Hsiung Confucius temple was first built in the late 1600s during the Qing dynasty, it was abandoned during the Japanese colonial period. The temple was rebuilt in the late 1900s according to the design and architectural style of the Confucius temple back in Confucius hometown Qufu, Shandong province, China.
Visit Confucius temple while in the area to learn more about his teachings and how these teachings have been passed on down to many many generations for the benefit of mankind. A stroll in the temple prove beneficial to the mind and soul.

The Gallery

The Gallery