Updated on: September 18, 2017


The Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum is a Mahayana Buddhist cultural, religious and educational museum. The Museum houses one of the tooth relics of Sakyamuni Buddha.
Venerable Master Hsing Yun says, “The Buddha does not need any anybody’s worship or reverence, it is living beings that need the inspiration to develop wholesome thoughts and purify their minds. By worshipping a memorial, people can come to know the Buddha’s Dharma body, and their feelings of admiration can be elevated into wanting to learn about the Buddha’s virtues and practice them in everyday life. The Buddha doesn’t need a memorial, but living beings do. I built this pagoda with this in mind.”
The majestic view of Fo Guang Big Buddha and the eight pagodas which represent the Noble Eightfold Path greets you as you stepped out of the Welcoming Hall. At the Twin Pavilions, you can enjoy Vegetarian Taiwanese cuisine, sip Tea Chan and perform Sutra Calligraphy, and enlighten yourself with the keynote lectures. On the Bodhi Wisdom Concourse, the Eighteen Arhats and Eight Patriarchs awaits you. Continue to learn more about Buddhism through gallery exhibits, films, and performances as you tour the Main Hall.
Come find your inner peace.


Journey of the Heart

Weekend Retreat held yearly on the first week of every month from April – December
Available in English & Mandarin

Visitors who are interested in Buddhist meditation and culture are welcomed to join the retreat.

The Gallery

The Gallery