Updated on: September 18, 2017


Within the confines of the lotus lake 莲池潭 in Zuoying, Kaohsiung stands the gorgeous Buddhist Dragon Tiger Tower temple 龍虎塔 and the Taoist Spring and Autumn pavilion temple 春秋阁.
With the Dragon tiger tower 龍虎塔 consisting of two seven storey high pagodas protected by the two magnificent beast as the entrance, it is not difficult to tell how the name of this attraction came about.
The pagoda interior walls are painted in bright hues of royal yellow, with red pillars and orange tiles and is connected to shore via the 9 Curve Bridge 九曲桥.
Whilst climbing up the spiral staircase, intriguing drawings of dizhang bodhisattva which governs the nether world, Jade emperor and his thirty palaces, Confucius amongst others adorn the pagoda interior.
Spring Autumn Pavilions 春秋阁 is a octoganal four storey high pavilion honouring Guan gong, the God of war. Legend has it that goddess of mercy Guanyin appeared in the clouds riding a dragon and instructed followers to build a commerative statue to commemorate her visit.
If time permits, do visit the Ciji Palace 慈济宫 that worships Baosheng Dadi 保生大帝, Qiming Court 启明堂 that worships Confucius 孔子 and God of War Guan Gong 关公 and the largest Confucious Temple 孔庙 in Taiwan for some well wishes and to admire the intricacies of temple architectures located along the trails of the lotus lake.

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