Updated on: January 1, 2018


Cijin (Qijin) Shell Museum 旗津貝殼博物館 in Qijin district, Kao Hsiung county , Taiwan, located just beside the seaside is a popular attraction for visitors and locals alike.
Cijin shell museum is housed on the upper level while Cijin seaside park tourist service center occupies the first level of a quaint architecture with dull grey, white and blue color palette which visitors might just give a miss should they not know what treasure lies within.
Cijin shell museum displays over 2,000 kinds of crustecean specimen and a fair bit of whole seashells that are sure to amaze even the most well learned avid shell collectors or self proclaimed sea lovers.
Assuming visitors being in the vicinity of this area are lovers of the sun, sea and everything else, do not give Cijin shell museum a miss for sure.

The Gallery

The Gallery