Updated on: September 18, 2017


Visitors at Kaohsiung cannot leave this delightful little island out of their itinerary. Cijin (Qijin) Island is just a 5-minute ferry ride from Kaohsiung Harbour and has so much to offer to its visitors. Dive into the sea by the lovely beach or rent a bicycle to explore the island. The island does not lose in the food department as it is touted as the best place in Kaohsiung to have the freshest seafood – the seafood street a.k.a. HǎichǎnJiē. What’s even better is that visitors can find all the fresh seafood in one place

Some other renowned attractions on the island include the Tianhou Temple, Cihou (Qihou) Lighthouse and the Windmill Park. Tianhou temple, built in 1673, is the oldest Mazu (媽祖) temple in Kaohsiung and signifies ancient beauty in the forms of building structures, relief sculptures, mosaics and decorative paintings. While the temple represents Chinese culture, Cihou (Qihou) Lighthouse gives off a slight European vibe. The British engineers constructed the impressive lighthouse in 1883 and used it for over 100 years. Besides these places, there are other attractions to visit such as Cihou (Qihou) Fort, Cijin (Qijin) Seashore Park, Windmill Park and YM Museum of Maritime exploration.

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The Gallery