Updated on: January 1, 2018


Located within Cijin district, Kao Hsiung county, Taiwan, the northern entrance of Kao Hsiung habour used to be guarded by the red bricked Cihou Fort 旗後砲台 against several aggressors – The mudan tribe, the Japanese and Chinese.
While some might be surprised at the seemingly European architectural style of Cihou fort with certain touches of Chinese culture, there is certainly nothing to be alarmed as an Englishman H.W Harwood was appointed during the Qing dynasty to design Cihou fort.
Cihou fort was badly damaged as men fought hard to protect their land even when their commander in chief abandoned them to their own defenses with the Japanese eventually overthrowing their defence.
Somewhere in the late 1980s, Kao Hsiung city government took it upon themselves to restore Cihou fort and have it opened to the public. Mt. Cihou is an extremely strategic point to fortify defenses against unwanted powers.
Visit Cihou fort while in the area for a breathtaking view overlooking the nearby harbor and imagine.

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