Updated on: September 1, 2017


The British Consulate at Takow is a cultural park that consists of the British Consular Residence building, the British Consulate building and a hiking trail that connects both buildings. The residence building was built on land atop a hill that overlooks the entrance of Takow port while the consulate office is located at the bottom of the hill directly facing the port next to the customs. 

It is the very first British consulate established in 1879 to protect British expatriates and its commerce in Taiwan when the country first opened its doors to western countries. The consulate was closed later in 1910 when the Takow port came to a stand-still due to the accumulation of sedimentation in the water that led to the blockage of the port entrance. It was in 1925 when the consulate and residence rights were handed to the Japanese government which officially terminated the British consulate in Takow.Through the years, the office and residence were used for various purposes by the Taiwan government. After a series of refurbishment and restoration, the British Consulate opened to the public as a cultural park in 2010.

Being one of the oldest western buildings in Taiwan, the British Consulate in Takow is an appealing historical site where visitors get to appreciate the blend of European and Chinese culture in the 1900s. Admire the architectural features of the buildings and, through the various exhibits on site,learn about the history of how trade in Taiwan was first opened to western countries.

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The Gallery