Updated on: January 1, 2018


Cijin Old Street 旗津老街 is a 5 – 10 minutes ferry ride away from the bustling streets of Gushan ferry pier, Kao Hsiung county, Taiwan.
Alighting from the ferry, the Cijin ferry pier oozes rustic charm with its red and grey brick architectural style that of yesteryear.
Along Cijin old street, there are many bicycle vendors, temple and many other little shops peddling their wares. Do not fret, food is aplenty and seafood lovers will be ecstatic to find rows upon rows of fresh seafood as the centre of Cijin old street offerings. Should you be lucky to be in the area at the right time, watch the fishermen go about their daily routines of bringing back their daily loot.
The end of Cijin old street is Cijin beach where many locals love to hangout for some fun family time.
Be forewarned that as taxis and buses are not available at this little island, a good stamina is required for bicycle riding to explore the island or alternatively, walking would be the next best bet.

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