Updated on: June 30, 2018


For people who love a challenging hike and a stunning view of the Taroko Gorge, Zhuilu Old Road definitely is the place to go. With a total distance of 10.3 kilometres, the trail is more of a vertical hike that would give hikers a good work out before it narrows to the pathway of Zhuilu Cliff. Depending on one’s fitness level, the entire hike may take about 3 to 5 hours. As hikers reach the flat path of the cliff, they may find the path narrowing as they progress.More than 550 metres above the Taroko Gorge, the cliff rewards hikers with not only a stunning bird’s eye view but also a feeling of thrill as they look down from above. 

Visitors need to note that two permits are required to enter Zhuilu Old Road: (1) Taroko National Park permit and (2) local police bureau permit. There is a limitation to the number of Taroko National Park permit issued per day with 96 permits during weekdays and 156 permits during weekends. The trail is opened for entrance from 7am to 10am, after which nobody is allowed to enter while the latest to exit the trail is 5pm.

Take on the challenge and be rewarded with a view that only the adventurous ones can see!

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