Updated on: December 11, 2017


Hsiangte Temple 祥德寺 located in Hualien county, Taiwan near the renowned Taroko National Park is built into the mountainside.
Being kept hidden away from mainstream crowd with no vehicle accessibility, do not be surprise at the lack of crowd unlike many other easily accessible temples around Taiwan, it is definitely not an abandoned temple. Hsiangte temple was consecrated to worship the selfless Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva who vowed to free all beings in hell before attaining buddhahood.
Hsiangte temple which consist of the main Daxiong Boudian, Tianfeng pagoda and White robed Guanyin statue and in totality forms a magnificent eye catching attraction with the endless mountain peaks as its background and lovely gorges down below. With a majestic bright red pillars and orange upturned eaves arch serving as the focal point of Hsiangte temple entrance, entering the main hall is likened to a heaven on earth with its occasional misty surroundings.
Hsiangte temple is also revered for housing the world highest elevated Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Do be forewarned that only those who persevere on will be able to visit Hsiangte temple as the journey on foot is about 50 minutes away from civilization.

The Gallery

The Gallery