Updated on: June 30, 2018


Eternal Spring Shrine 長春祠 is located in Taroko National park, Hualien county, Taiwan. Eternal spring shrine is nestled in a unique spot by the mountain side directly above the never ending Changchun falls to commemorate the 212 veterans who sacrificed their lives to build the central cross island highway in the 1950s. Natural spring water from Changchun falls gently cascades into a series of smaller waterfalls into the Liwu river down under. Viewing from below gives the impression of water pouring forth from the heavens up above.
Despite natural disasters that never fail to crumble it, eternal spring shrine was rebuilt twice with the most recent one being in the 1980s, complete with similar Tang dynasty architectural style of upturned eaves and grand white facade as it is a major scenic landmark of Taroko National park besides other attractions. Always remember to be thankful for the predecessors who contributed much to the present state that we enjoy.

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