Hualien 花莲 is the largest county located in the mountainous eastern coast of Taiwan and is home to Taiwan largest indigenous Amis tribal group.
Hualien is relatively undeveloped and unpolluted as compared to other areas in Taiwan largely due to the fact that killer typhoons occurs pretty frequently and it would probably be a wiser decision to leave nature as it is.
That being said, it is only possible to visit the breathtaking Hualien via private hired cars or tour groups.
Some popular attractions include the eternal spring, cimu bridge and pavilion, qingshui cliff, buluowan and swallow grotto trail in taroko gorge national park, ruisui hot springs, yushan nan’an waterfall, liyu carp lake, picturesque qixingtan beach, night markets amongst others.
Despite its seemingly less than positive traits to start off with, Hualien is a major contributor to the booming tourism industry in Taiwan with millions of visitors flocking over to admire the untouched natural beauty of Hualien annually.

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