Updated on: August 23, 2017


Sometimes in life, the simplest form of anything at all can turn out to be only thing you wish you ever had. In Hsinchu county northwest of Taiwan lies the sound of the sea 海之聲 which is essentially a rugged pathway that stretches right out into the sea. This little pathway might be just a good old plain pathway with naked eyes, it is actually a diamond in its rawest form yet to be polished.
The seemingly endless pathway looks as though it has converged with the gorgeous blue skies and cotton clouds right above. The rhythmic sound of strong waves rushing up and crashing upon the walkway is simply music to the ears and gives people a sense of serenity. One could just sit by the pathway for what seems like eternity. Photography enthusiast prepare your tripod and camera to capture the full glory of sunrise and sunset in its entirety. Whether you are experiencing love in the air, confused over certain issues in life, heartbroken over that someone who took your world away or just happen to drop by the area, take some time out to enjoy this little piece of paradise.