Updated on: August 20, 2017


While Emei Lake 峨眉湖 used to have a nondescript name as Dapu reservoir during its service as Hsinchu reservoir, its current name as a tourist attraction is more aptly used to describe this little sanctuary.
Surrounding this tranquil lake is a seemingly endless field of lush greenery, pavilions, a walkway alongside the lake for romantic strolls and wise looking old trees.
The main attraction of Emei lake has to be the giant Maitreya Buddha and the gorgeous white palace lookalike temple sitting right beside.
Maitreya Buddha represents the “future” and with the earth and prayer beads in both hands, coupled with the huge smile from ear to ear, this positive vibe brings much needed assurance and peace to those who visit Emei Lake. On the surface of Emei Lake exist a large blanket of green water plants which the unaware might mistake it for solid ground.
Come nighttime, fireflies hang around the area making Emei Lake an exceptional attractive sight to behold and if you happen to be the lucky one visiting Emei Lake during early summer, be amazed by the Tung flower blossoming all around the picturesque Emei Lake. Take a romantic stroll on the suspension bridge for a relaxing afternoon.
For those seeking an escapade away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday lives, for those who are lost and are seeking for an answer in their lives or are just seeking another place to hangout, visit Emei Lake today.

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