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Types of tickets

Single Tickets
  • Passenger age 12 and above will have to pay for the full fare
  • Passenger age 12 and below will enjoy discount fares
  • Senior age 65 and above and disabled person will enjoy discount fares
Group Tickets
  • Group of 20 to 49 persons enjoys a 20% discount
  • Group of 50 or more persons enjoys a 35% discount
  • Tickets for a group of less than 49 persons are issued by the staffed ticket office. In consideration of train capacity, tickets for a group of more than 50 persons should be purchased by application and approved by the TRA before issue.
  • No Group Tickets are available for holidays, summer breaks, and winter breaks.
  • Not applicable for Limited Expresses
Season Tickets
  • Season tickets are available for passengers travelling by train regularly within 150km in each journey.
  • 30-Day Universal Season Ticket: 30 days from the ticket start day.
  • 60-Day Universal Season Ticket: 60 days from the ticket start day.
  • Passengers can travel on the same journey and the same class of train unlimitedly during ticket validity; except for the Formosa Express, Taroko Express, Puyuma Express, and trains announced by the TRA (e.g. mail trains and group trains).
  • If you want to cancel a season ticket, please apply for a refund as early as possible, as the fare of each day counts (from the start day to the refund day) at two journeys a day (fares of the Fuxing Express without discount). You will also need to pay a handling charge at NT$31 for ticket cancellation and refund).
  • You may get off the train at any station in the same journey (when getting off at a station beyond the journey indicated on the ticket, you will need to pay the fare for the addition journey. The minimum fare will be charged if fares are under the minimum fare).
Taiwan Rail Card
  • Minimum value of NT$500
  • Enjoy a 10% discount
Day Pass for 3 Branch Lines (Pingxi, Neiwan, and Jiji)
  • Pingxi Line (Haikeguan to Jingtong): Adult fare NT$80 and Discount fare NT$40
  • Neiwan Line (Hsinchu to Neiwan): Adult fare NT$95 and Discount fare NT$50
  • Jiji Lien (Ershui to Checheng): Adult fare NT$90 and Discount fare NT$45
  • All day passes can only be used for respective branch lines on the same day and are Invalid without a date stamp.
  • Passengers can enjoy unlimited travel within the region on the same day.
  • A day pass is non-refundable
Northeast Day Pass
  • Adult: NT$126 and Discount (including child, senior, and disabled persons): NT$64
  • This day pass can only be used between Ruifang and Toucheng on the same day and is invalid without a date stamp.
  • Passengers can enjoy unlimited travel between Ruifang and Toucheng (including the Pingxi Line) on commuter cars or Fuxing Express.
  • Passengers can upgrade to the Zhiqiang Express and Zhuguang Express by paying the extra fares or pay the fares to the conductor after boarding.
  • A day pass is non-refundable.
TR-PASS for Students
  • 5-Day Pass/NT$599 [For domestic students during winter and summer breaks only]
  • 7-Day Pass/NT$799 [For domestic students during winter and summer breaks only]
  • 10-Day Pass/NT$1098 [For foreign students only]
  • During the pass is valid, students can enjoy unlimited travel within the region on any trains lower than the Juguang Express. Students cannot ask for a seat when boarding a Fuxing Express and Juguang Express.
TR-PASS General
3-Day Tickets
  • Adult Fares: NT$1800
  • Discount Fares: NT$900
  • Group Fares for 4: NT$4200
5-Day Tickets
  • Adult Fares: NT$2500
  • Discount Fares: NT$1250
  • Group Fares for 4: NT$7000
※Discount Fares include fares for children, seniors, and persons with disabilities.
※Group Save for 4: Package for four passengers(no individual use). Children, seniors, or persons with disabilities will not enjoy fare discounts when traveling with Group Safe tickets.Each member of a group less than four must pay individual fares.
※Passengers may enjoy unlimited travel within the zone and book seats on all types of trains. Passengers must confirm their seats before they are allowed to board the Taroko Express, Puyuma Express, and chartered trains. Passengers are not allowed to take the Formosa Express, mail trains, and other TRA-specified trains.
※The Old Mountain Line does not accept the TR-Pass General.
※Valid period will start on the first day and use consecutively for the next 3 or 5 days depending on the tickets you purchase.

Time Tables

Taking TRA is different from taking the Metro in Taiwan
There’s a timing for each individual TRA so it be good to check out the time table before you purchase your ticket for a smooth journey.

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