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Opening and Closing Hours for all Metro Station
06:00 – 23:00 

Types of Metro Tickets

Single-Journey Tickets
  • Can only be purchase from the ticket vending machine
  • Good for one passenger
  • Valid only on the day of issue
  • Card is price at NT$100 (No stored value but refundable for any value stored in the card)
  • Can be purchased in all Metro Stations Information Counter, Convenience Stores displaying the EasyCard logo, Airport Electronic Stored Value Card Service Counter and EasyCard Corporation Service Centers.
  • There’s a Metro discount of 20% for each trip
  • If there’s a transfer from Metro to Bus or Vice Versa within an hour, there will be an NT$8 discount.
One-Day Pass
  • Card is price at NT$350 (Non Refundable)
  • Can be purchased in all Metro Stations Information Counter
  • Unlimited Metro rides from first use till end of service in a single day
  • Valid for one passenger each time
Group Tickets
  • 20% discount for more than 10 or more passenger
  • Can be purchased in all Metro Stations Information Counter
  • Tickets are non refundable
  • Contact station staff to enter/exit the station through the “Group Ticket Entrance/Exit.”



Restrooms are available in Kaohsiung Metro Station
If passengers want to use a restroom in a paid area, or use a restroom in a non-paid area during their journey, they may exit/enter the paid/non-paid area by the service gate free of charge.

Safe Waiting Zone

“Safe Waiting Zone” established: To ensure the safety of passengers using the MRT at night, “Safe Waiting Zones” have been established along the central section of all platforms. This area is constantly monitored and activity is recorded through surveillance cameras. It is also subject to enhanced patrols. Intercoms are available so that passengers may contact station staff directly.

Lost And Found

To recover lost property, inquiries can be made at Taoyuan Metro Station information counter

A valid identification document (ID card, driver’s license, healthy insurance card or passport) has to be presented while claiming lost and found property. If the claimer is not the owner of the property, s/he has to present both her/his own ID document and the owner’s ID document.

Fare and Travel Time

To enquire in detail on the price fare and the travel time, you can get more info via the following Website:-
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