Updated on: August 4, 2017


In the heart of Alishan national scenic area lies yet another nature wonder, the Three Generation Tree 三代木 which is a tree in a tree in yet another tree.
A thousand odd years ago, after spreading its roots over the ground, grandpa tree painfully withered away slowly. Fast forward to five centuries ago, along came by a little seed who gleefully leeched onto the withering roots of grandpa tree and the essential nutrients which grandpa tree provided allowed the little seed to sprout leaves and grow into papa tree. When time comes for papa tree to say goodbye three centuries later, its stem became hollowed and its roots aged with the passage of time. Against all odds, papa tree roots managed to survive and grew up as baby tree.
Besides, elephant trunk tree and heart shaped love tree, stump of shenmu are a few other popular creations of mother nature that leaves people feeling amazed at what passage of time can do to the world around us.
These amazing wonders of nature subsequently became an attraction for the curious people. If you can’t imagine how this is happening, drop by the area and take a relaxing stroll while analyzing these gorgeous pieces of artwork lookalike trees.

The Gallery

The Gallery