Updated on: June 30, 2018


It never fails to leave one wondering how inspiration for art pieces can be taken from even the simplest of everyday life objects such as the 62m Sun-Shooting Tower 射日塔 which was inspired by a deeply rooted ginormous sacred tree that lays within the Alishan mountain. No details was spared in the creation of the sun shooting tower with brown grained aluminium stripes adorning the tower exterior to mimic the appearance of tree bark and a 40m high empty space to signify the imperfect hole of the sacred tree. Legend has it that a brave Thao hero took it upon himself to shoot the huge scorching sun which threatened the continued survival of live stocks which resulted in a smaller and friendlier sun alongside a moon. Sun shooting tower is named after this touching sun shooting legend which saved mankind.
Visit this tower if not for the legend, do it for the clouded leopards symbolizing God of Formosa standing guard at the entrance of the tower, the paranomic view of Chiayi from up above the observation deck and sky garden would bound to tantalize your visual senses.

The Gallery

The Gallery