Updated on: August 3, 2017


Mankind would usually fight tooth and nail for their loved ones yet legend has it that a loving pair of sisters drowned themselves in a pond as they could not bear to fight over the same man yet neither do they want to live on without him. Sisters Pond 姊妹潭 compromises of two naturally occurring ponds with emerald green water located within the forest recreation area of Alishan mountain at an altitude of 2100m.
Xiangsi pavilion sits atop giant Cypress tree stumps which are native to Alishan mountain. Stroll along the perimeters of the sisters pond amidst the lush greenery and misty surroundings for some peaceful soul searching sessions or sketch some simple pieces of artworks while enjoying the magical view. Oh yes, do breathe in as much fresh air as possible because it ain’t going get any better than that.

The Gallery

The Gallery