Updated on: August 3, 2017


Within the compounds of Alishan National scenic area lies the largest and highest religious place of worship in Alishan, the Shouzhen Temple 受鎮宮 erected in 1948 dedicated to the worshipping the main God, Xuantian emperor 玄天上帝 besides the God of commerce and Goddess of fertility.
With logging industry booming and aborigines in Alishan still practicing the custom of human sacrificial back in those days, lumberjacks feared for their lives when unusual paranormal activities started happening while they are at work. Shouzhen temple served to protect those at work from harmful spirits.
Come march, witness the spectacular sight of traditional festivities done up by devotees and gigantic Alishan kuciouluowun Moths arriving at Shouzhen temple in droves to dance in celebration of Xuantian emperor birthday.

The Gallery

The Gallery