Updated on: September 4, 2017


Hinoki Village 檜意森活村 of today is the remnants left behind from the logging activities decades ago.
The 28 dormitories are housed in 3.4 hectares of land and were initially homes to officials who have contributed much effort in developing the Alishan logging industry.
These dorms are built using hinoki (cypress wood) which are highly rot resistant, beautiful deep burgundy in color and whose oil gives off a citrusy woody smell for an invigorating feel.
Despite being almost half a century old, four years of traditional Japanese construction method was all it took to restore the Hinoki village back to its former glory.
Today, Hinoki village serves Taiwan in the tourism industry with many locals peddling creative works that are a perfect fit as souvenirs, arts exhibition from time to time, instagram worthy art installations, have a nights stay at their themed houses, visit nostalgic antique toy world to reminisce the good old days or just drop by their coffeehouse and restaurants for a unique dining experience after a dip in their public bathhouse.

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