Updated on: July 30, 2017


Chiayi Confucius Temple 嘉義孔廟 is a amazing structure that withstood many trials and tribulations. Chiayi Confucius temple was formerly Chiayi county school and established way back in 1685, originally erected outside the west gate of old Chiayi city before being relocated to its current location after a typhoon caused major destruction. One would have thought that this would be the end after experiencing so much but the reality is far from that. Chiayi Confucius temple fell again at the hands of the Lin Shuang Wen rebels and finally collapsed under the pressure of a destructive earthquake before it was converted into a hospital.
With the blessings of local government, Chiayi Confucius temple regained its former glory in the 1960s with the use of sturdy reinforcements. Despite a relatively sparse interior and the absence of traditional elements found in usual temples, Chiayi Confucius temple still exudes a solemn atmosphere come 28 September on the Confucius memorial day.
With such amazing strength to overcome all odds to be in existence, this reason alone should suffice for a visit to Chiayi Confucius temple and also, drop by Chiayi tower, Chiayi City Historical Relic Museum and the Martyr Shrine while in the area.

The Gallery

The Gallery