Chiayi is located southwest of Taiwan island with Alishan on the east and compromises of vast plots of fertile lands with a rather warm and humid weather unlike other parts of Taiwan.
Without the allure of glitzy and glamorous cosmopolitan feel, Chiayi is the older one at heart offering a comfort zone for the weary city dwellers looking for an escape towards a truly Taiwan experience.
Besides passing by Chiayi solely for Alishan, do pay a visit to the many gorgeous temples that keeps Chiayi inhabitants spiritually occupied. A stroll in the botanical garden or insect museum to catch a glimpse of Guinness book worthy insects might prove to be an eye opening experience for many people.
Walk through wenhua night market for some local delicacies such as five flavoured prawns and oysters, rice wine simmered clams, rice cake soup, xinjiang BBQ skewers, wild boar sausage amongst many others.
Do not forget to visit Fountain Turkey rice restaurant for some authentic turkey on rice dish which is the highlight of Chiayi food scene apart from its specialty of seafood which are vital for the county economy.