Updated on: June 26, 2017


Taiwan Glass Gallery is a place for Taiwan’s local artists to display their work. “Shining everywhere, Surprising all around”-Taiwan Mirror Glass Enterprise company built this gallery for displaying glass art for the community. Through lively activities visitors have an opportunity to experience the art hands on.
The gallery glass art is divided into various categories, such as a building glass, furniture glass, decorative glass and art,and so on.

The primary functions of the gallery are found into three halls, respectively as glass information hall, arts hall, and household product halls. In total, these three halls provide 34 theme areas free of admission to general public.
Aside from static display, the gallery will also, from time to time, invite glass craftsman to conduct performance at the site. At parent and children experience zone, there are shining color beads, glass painting, and glass musical instruments, and visitors are welcome to take fun with glass beads so that they can experience the wonder of glass with their hands, feet, ears, nose, and eyes. It is definitely a place worthy for visitors to come and savor the beauty of glass.

The formal opening of the Taiwan Glass Gallery took place in May 2006. Everyone, you are welcome to visit the Gallery to learn more about glass and its story; there is no charge for admission. The Gallery’s guiders will lead visitors across a reinforced glass floor that can bear loads of up to 1,000 kilos.
Visitors pass through a glass corridor that explains the history of glass in Taiwan. A glass kaleidoscope takes them into a world of color and beauty. They dance with incredibly lifelike glass butterflies. Standing on the bridge over the lotus pond, visitors can look out over the “Glass 101” building and view the different types of products that Taiwan’s glass industry creates. Our aim is to open a window that will permit dialogue between glass and the wider world. And to create a space for communication between the human heart and the art of glassmaking.

The TaiwanGlass Gallery established by TMG incorporates special features of Taiwan’s ecology, culture, and art is located in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, the gallery is a showcase of a wide variety of art glass, household glass, and engineering glass displayed throughout the exhibition area.

The Gallery

The Gallery