Tax Refund

Foreign Traveler will be able to have 5% Tax Refund while shopping in Taiwan.

Criteria for Tax Refund
– Stay no more than 183 days from the date of arrival.
– Non Taiwanese or R.O.C Passport.
– Purchase goods will have to be brought out of Taiwan within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Are you able to have Tax Refund anywhere?

Not all places will have Tax Refund so do check with the store before you make your purchase. Most departmental store will be able to have tax refund with a minimum purchase amount.

Where to claim your Tax Refund?

Do request for a VAT refund form and have your passport ready when making your purchase. Usually the sales person will fill up the form for you and you can have your refund at the Tax Refund Service Counter in the Departmental Store or Airport.

Leaving the country with Tax free goods

On the day of departure from Taiwan, before checking in your luggage, you will have to bring your VAT refund form to the E-VAT refund machine or Tax Refund Service Counter, to prove your foreign identity and check the Tax refundable receipts. The Tax refund system will instruct you if the goods are require to be examined by the Customs.